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We're are back up and running

by Gary Swanepoel

Jun 18, 2012 Comments (2) share

So after much effort, we've re-grouped, built a brand new site and mapped out the road ahead and I'm excited to say we're back in business. We've got lots planned for the Business Catalyst community. We've got new Partners and Designer's on board and we ready to rock and roll.

We're had a little hiatus over the past year, learning new skills, investigating best practises with current web standards and all in all getting ready for the next wave to technology to hit our online space.

Mobile devices have re-invented how we use online technology, more and more web enabled devices are starting to make an appearance and eCommerce has finally become a must have tool for online businesses.

HTML5, CSS3, the forced upgrade to IE8 and the use of JavaScript have opened up new and exciting ways to present content in a more engaging and interactive manner.

Since the Global Economic Downturn we saw a huge amount of investment being pulled from the web, but as the whole economic scene has become more competitive, businesses are turning to new strategies to pull in customers. 

And it's all online.

As an online industry, the plateau is over and with new crowd sourcing website's like Kick Starter are addictively, promising us new idea's the next generation of technological use is upon. 

It's a very exciting time, and I hope that we can continue to present all our Partners with innovative products and strategies to help drive online business into the future. 

Myself and all the team here look forward to working with you all. 

Gary Swanepoel and the ITB team.     

2 Comments so far

fromMichael 24-Jul-2012 04:44 PM

Great to hear. Thanks a lot for all your help last week, it saved us a great deal of time!
No problem Mike. It was easy peesy once we got to the bottom of it.

It was a pleasure working with you.

fromSarah Powell 01-Aug-2012 08:19 PM

Awesome looking forward to more from you ... especially because you're in my neck of the woods, well Australia anyhow.
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