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Abobe Business Catalyst Parter specialising in Web Development and BC integration.

Sep 04, 2012

Business Catalyst vs Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking

Sharing data across Business Catalyst's * domain for Google Analytics doesn't have to be painful. Here's the way we do it to make sure you can provide an ROI for your marketing strategy against purchases made on the site. 

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Aug 10, 2012

Create Cookies with one line of code.

Ever struggled to get cookies to work on your Business Catalyst site? Written your own, used 3rd party plugins or just tried to get your head around how the thing works?

We've got a neat little way to easily create and manage your cookies with one line of code.

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Jul 19, 2012

Creating a Parallax Landing Page with Site Editor

Landing Pages can be so boring. But with a few Parallax effects, we create something that is not only quick to build but also visually creates an interactive storytelling experience that will look like a lot more effort has gone into it, than actually has. All with just HTML5, the Site Editor and the Web Basics Plan.  Read More


Jun 21, 2012

Resetting Business Catalyst's ModuleStyleSheet

How often will a BC website just not do what you want it to do and you spend hours debugging and fixing cross browser issues? Ever heard of the ModuleSyleSheet?

Resetting Business Catalyst's ModuleStyleSheet

We’ve started a community driven project to reset the default styles for a Business Catalyst website back to how the HTML is intended to be displayed. This makes it not only a consistent set of rules for cross browser styling, but it’s also a much better starting point to getting your BC site to behave the way you ask it to.

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Jun 18, 2012

We're are back up and running

So after much effort, we've re-grouped, built a brand new site and mapped out the road ahead and I'm excited to say we're back in business. We've got lots planned for the Business Catalyst community. We've got new Partners and Designer's on board and we ready to rock and roll.  Read More